Are You More John F. Kennedy Or John Quincy Adams?

Are you more 35th president or 6th president of the United States?

erin schrock
Created By erin schrock
On Jan 17, 2016

What Type of Car Would You Prefer to Drive?

How do you like to spend Friday nights?

Where would you rather spend vacation?

Your friends would describe you as...

Does your family have high expectations of you?

What type of show do you prefer to watch?

When you have a huge test coming up, how do you study?

What is your worst quality?

Your significant other asks how they look in an outfit, and they look awful. You...

What type of high school do/did you go to?

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

You are the 35th president of the United States! Like John F. Kennedy, you have your eye on the prize. You are confident and intelligent, and always seem to have the right words. You have a great social life, and you can start a conversation with almost anybody.

John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams

You are the 6th president of the United States! Like John Quincy Adams, you have high expectations to live up to, but that has only made you more determined. You are quiet and like to have your space, but you are good with words. You are a splendid writer, and you are very humble.