How Well Do You Know Shakespeare?

Shakespeare is layered with fun facts, hidden meanings, topical allusions of the day & court celebs . How much do you know?

Created by EraMuse
On Mar 29, 2017
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When Hamlet says, "No, good mother, here's metal more attractive." He is....

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Shakespeare has many girls dress up as boys, but only 1 dresses up as a pilgrim to travel: Helena in All's Well That Ends Well. Why?

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The wall effigy in Stratford Church commemorating Shakespeare was erected in what year?

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When did Ben Jonson extol the Bard’s virtues and talents?

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Why is there a comic episode in Love's Labors Lost mocking Muscovites?

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In Romeo & Juliet, when Juliet refuses to marry Paris, saying, "Now by St. Peter's Church and Peter too...", she's referring to...?

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In Merchant of Venice, when Bassanio talks about Portia's "sunny locks" that "hang on her temples like a golden fleece" & "those crisped snaky golden locks" what beauty tip is he referring to?

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In Hamlet, Polonius delivers “these few precepts”on behavior to his son Laertes, which has what parallels to Queen Elizabeth's court?

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In A Midsummer Night's Dream, when the mechanicals plan to meet at 'the duke's oak' to rehearse, they mean...?

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