26 DisneyLand Secrets You Never Knew

In honor of Disneyland's 60th anniversary, check out these amazing secrets hidden in the park!

Emily Morse
Created by Emily Morse
On Jun 30, 2016

Sleeping Beauty's Castle is only 77ft, but seems taller because of forced perspective

The bricks get smaller as you get further up the building, which makes it look like it’s stretching into the horizon


If you're willing to pay the $27,000 starting fee and $12,000 annual dues, you can join the exclusive VIP park feature, Club 33.

Though the whole park has a liquor license, Club 33 is also the only part of the park where you can purchase alcohol during the day.


If you ask nicely, you might be able to pilot the Mark Twain riverboat


Disneyland isn't build on ground level, it's actually build on top a tunnel system the cast members use to get around!

Walt Disney himself was upset at the idea of seeing a cowboy crossing the sci-fi-themed Tomorrowland to reach his post at Frontierland and spoiling the authenticity of the park for visitors.


The purple teacup in the Mad Hatter Ride spins the fastest


If you touch the Snow White's Scary Adventures' Apple, you can hear the evil queen laughing


The Cheshire Cat makes an appearance in the Mad Hatter gift shop mirror


There's exactly one human skull in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride


All the plants in Tomorrowland are edible, full of fruits or veggies, as a part of Disney's vision for a self sustaining future


Cinderella's Fountain is meant to look different to kids and adults

Kids can see her smile but adults just see her look down in sadness


There's always music playing in the parks - even at night!

It's too pricey for the park to keep turning off music and restarting it everyday for rides and attractions, so they just keep it on!


Disney himself often stayed in an apartment above the Fire Station. Ever since his death, the park kept the light on for him.


Main Street USA was designed after Marceline, Missouri, where Walt Disney grew up.


Disneyland is full of "Air Smellitizers". They're used on Main Street to vent the smell of vanilla and candy, but during Christmas it vents out the smell of peppermint!

These are also used for creating a salty sea breeze by Pirates of the Caribbean, honey scents by Pooh's Adventure, etc


The Disney Family Crest is above the gates of Sleeping Beauty's Castle


Disney Imagineers designed a specific shade called "Noseeum Green" to paint parts of the park to be less noticed and remain "hidden"


There's a secret basketball court in the Matterhorn


Cast Members are forbidden to have any facial hair.

This rule started out due to Disney's desire to distinguish Disneyland from "sleazy carnivals" and stuck.


If you ask the conductor nicely to sit in the "Tender Seat", you might be able to sit at the front of the train at the Disneyland Railroad


You have a chance to ride the Lilly Belle train car, named after Disney's wife, if you ask the cast members at the railroad station


The New Orleans Square Station plays the sound of Walt Disney's opening day speech in morse code


Every night after the park closes, over 200 cats are released to keep the rodent population under control


The asphalt in Disneyland is actually a mixture of asphalt and rubber to make it more comfortable for guests to walk on all day


Space Mountain's cars only go 30mph but the ride uses tricks like banked curves, darkness, and air blasts to give the illusion of a higher velocity


Every 15-20 minutes the song "I'm Wishing" plays and echoes softly by Snow White's Wishing Well


The address of the Disneyland Resort is 1313 N. Harbor Blvd. M is the 13th letter, so Mickey Mouse (MM) lives at 1313