Are You More Of An Artist Or A Scientist?

Do you think in 1s and 0s or all of the colors of the rainbow?

Em G
Created by Em G
On Apr 2, 2015

Choose a TV show to watch:

What did you/do you want to major in in college?

Which historical figure would you most like to meet?

Would you rather bake a cake or decorate it?

What was your favorite thing to do when you were little?

Which board game would you most like to play?

What color did you think of first when you saw this picture?

For what would you most like to win an Oscar?

Pick a shoe:

What's easiest for you to remember, faces or names?



Whether you are a dancer, musician, writer, sculptor, finger-painter, or all of those things and more, you are an artist at heart. You have a creative mind and don't see things as black and white. You are very curious, always have a lot of great ideas, and are not afraid of taking risks. You are sensitive but don't feel the need to conform to society. You know that being yourself will get you the farthest in life.



You have a scientific mind. You are logical, detail-oriented, and smart. You have always been interested in how things work and building things yourself. You get the most satisfaction out of solving problems that have an exact solution, as opposed to many possible answers. You enjoy games that have to do with strategy and would rather not play word games. Above all, you are interested in technology and innovation.