Do You Belong In The Past Or Present?

Did you ever wonder if are you born in the time you should be? Let's see!

Ema Selimovic
Created By Ema Selimovic
On Apr 6, 2015

Choose a pet!

Choose a color!

When do you want to get married or when did you get married?

How many kids do you want?

Will you work and take care of yourself or will you stay home and take care of your kids?

How would you describe your style?

How will you decide when it the time comes for your daughter to marry? You or her?

Who is more important? You, or your kids and husband?

And lastly, do you like books?



You could have been born in the past and you would have been a lot happier!



You are right where you should be. You have a lot of friends and you enjoy your life!

Golden middle

Golden middle

Wherever you go you will have a lot of friends and everybody will like you!