What Is Your Sex IQ?

Are you a true sexpert or is your bedroom knowledge a bit flaccid?

Ellie Oakley
Created by Ellie Oakley
On Mar 28, 2018

What is the average length of an erect penis?

How many orgasms is it possible for a woman to have during sex?

Which of the following do you use as a method of contraception most regularly?

What is the most popular porn category in the UK?

How many nerve endings does the clitoris have?

What's the most watched porn category for men?

Does a guys shoe size bear any similarity to the size of his package?

Where is the second most popular place to have sex (aside from the bedroom, obviously)?

What is the most popular porn category in the US?

According to a survey, how many times do women masturbate on average per week?

What is the most popular porn category for women?

What percentage of the UK population take part or have taken part in BDSM?

What percentage of women own a vibrator in the UK?

Which of the following can semen not be used for?

Your Sex IQ is 143

Your Sex IQ is 143

You're a sex genius, is there anything you don't know about lovemaking!? Print this off, show it to your future sexual partners, put it in a frame next to your graduation picture - TELL THE WORLD!

Your Sex IQ is 129

Your Sex IQ is 129

You have VERY superior sexual knowledge. There is nothing you don't know about the ins and outs (pun intended) of intercourse and you're probably not shy of the aubergine emoji either. This is something to be proud of. Now let's hope you're as good in practice as you are on paper...

Your Sex IQ is 69

Your Sex IQ is 69

You have an okay sexual knowledge but you're no Doctor Love. Maybe it's time to switch off porn hub and start reading up, you never know, you might learn something.

Your Sex IQ is 35

Your Sex IQ is 35

Average intelligence. You've probably (definitely) been watching too much porn and paying too much attention to those classic playground rumours - it is NOT safe to use a crisp packet as a substitute for a condom.

You've got some learning to do, but hey what you don't know in theory you may make up for in practice...