Can You Name These Comic Strips?

Elle Van der Veer
On Jan 12, 2018
Name this comic strip!Snoopy'sPeanutsCharlie Brown & FriendsName this comic strip!Beetle BaileyPearls Before SwineFoxtrotName this comic strip!KathyCathyKatieName this comic strip!The Family CircusThe Far SidePrince ValiantName this comic strip!GarfieldFoxtrotCalvin and HobbesName this comic strip!MarmadukeBlondiePearls Before SwineName this comic strip!DilbertCathyBlondieName this comic strip!PeanutsGarfieldCalvin and HobbesName this comic strip!DagwoodZiggyOdieName this comic strip!DilbertBaby BumpsZiggy