17 Embarrassing Moments We All Know Too Well

Even though they happen to everyone all the time, we still find it totally devastating when they happen to us.

Elizabeth Miller
Created by Elizabeth Miller
On Oct 28, 2014

1) When you walk down the street and realize you need to be going in the opposite direction.

What you're thinking: If I look down at my phone, everyone watching me will think I have a sudden emergency in the opposite direction.


2) When you walk down the street and you trip over nothing in particular.

What you're thinking: I'm going to look at the ground until I can face the world again.


3) When you're eating and you bite the inside of your cheek.

What you're thinking: No one saw that, right?


4) When you walk into a room full of people and immediately forget what you were looking for.

What you're thinking: How do I leave without making a total fool out of myself?


5) When you get up from a chair and it sounds like you're farting.

What you're thinking: If I sit down and get up again they'll realize it's all the chair's fault, right?


6) When you're talking to someone and you notice your spittle land on their face.

What you're thinking: Will apologizing only make it more awkward?


7) When you laugh while drinking and spray your drink in someone's face.

What you're thinking: This is the kind of quirk that makes me endearing, right?


8) When you wash your hands in the bathroom and water splashes down your front.

What you're thinking: If I loudly announce that the faucet is broken when I walk into the room no one will think I peed on myself.


9) When you're at a friends house and you clog the toilet.

What you're thinking: If I just leave it like this will anyone trace it back to me?


10) When you walk in on someone else in the bathroom.

What you're thinking: Don't you know how to lock a stall door?!


11) When someone walks in on you in the bathroom.

What you're thinking: GET OUT AND STAY OUT!


12) Really anything having to do with bathrooms...

What you're thinking: I'm never going to use a public toilet again!


13) When you say goodbye to an acquaintance and then realize you're both walking in the same direction.

What you're thinking: You can't see me. You can't see me.


14) When you pass someone you know in the street and realize they are purposefully avoiding your gaze.

What you're thinking: Please love me! Whatever. I don't care. You're not that great anyway. I'm so lonely.


15) When you try to take a drink and you somehow miss your mouth.

What you're thinking: I should have never given up that sippy cup.


16) When you're trying to exit the building and you pull the door handle instead of pushing.

What you're thinking: Why doesn't anything work?! Oh, because I'm an idiot.


17) When you're at a packed party and you spill your drink all over the place.

What you're thinking: Who can I blame for this mess?


We all find being in the world with other people just a little challenging.


And sometimes all we want to do is stay indoors. Alone. Under the covers.


But if it's any consolation, we're all so busy covering our own embarrassment, we didn't even notice you accidentally waving at someone you don't know.