Are You A Geek, A Nerd, Or A Dork?

Time to settle this debate once and for all! Which are you - and what's the difference!?

Elizabeth Derryberry
Created by Elizabeth Derryberry
On Mar 26, 2015

How is your relationship with technology?

How are your grammatical/spelling skills?

When reading a book, it is more likely to be:

Would you attend a Comic Con?

Which of these word groupings best describes you?

Did you/Do you enjoy school work and academics?

What sort of club/online-group are you more likely to join and/or keep up with?

How intelligent do you consider yourself to be?

Are you enjoying the current dominance of superhero and genre-based cinema?

When you come across something you are unfamiliar with, do you want to learn more?

You are a:

You are a:

Perhaps the most positive (and potentially profitable) result from these three interchangeably misused terms - the NERD (such as yourself) is an individual of vast intelligence and curiosity coupled with a natural knack for academics and discovery. You not only appreciate technology, biology, and all the other 'ology's - you know what they mean and how they work, too! While Geeks are busy flooding comic-cons and using the internet while pretending to know how it works, you are busy coding the damn internet and earning your Masters or Doctorate (if you don't already have it/both). Of course the terms Nerd, Geek, and Dork will always have some overlap, but your test results show an innately intelligent individual with the drive and know-how to put you behind the classic horn-rimmed glasses and pocket protector of a well-educated, deeply intellectual N-E-R-D! You're welcome.

You are a:

You are a:

Welcome to the world of Geeks - Where Pop Culture is the name of the game and Comic-Con's full of your B*tches (as in friends... not the derogatory slur of awfulness - just so we're clear). Separate from the intellectual bookworm Nerds and the goofy, bumbling Dorks, your Geekism is wholly defined by a love for that which is either different and/or entirely too awesome for "non-geeks" to "get". Prone to Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and other imaginative genres of escapism, your mind is an endless chasm filled with the ins and outs of what has come to define our pop culture. Funny thing is, Geek is Chic now! A decade ago geeks still had to fly under the radar and confine themselves to conventions and comic book stores - but that is truly the world of the past. Now Geek culture rules all - Star Wars is back in full force, Superhero movies are THE pulp cinema of our time, and TV's biggest hits are all Geek-centric serials. Now YOU are the cool kid, because you've found all this stuff cool for your entire life - and the rest of society is just now catching up! So, go you!

You are a:

You are a:

Whether it was in jest or not, the phrase "You're such a dork" has been thrown in your general direction at least once, and we're here to tell you that it's A-OK! Dork's may not be as booksmart as the Nerds or as pop-culture-passionate as the Geeks, but they have an edge on both. Why, you ask? Dorks, in today's age, are funny, charming, and above all else - adorable. That's right, you're cute (if you didn't already know that). Our current culture loves an underdog, and no one does "underdog" better than a Dork. Your bumbling antics and retro charm make you the perfect pal or lovable potential spouse. Video games are usually a plus for Dorks such as yourself (aka if you haven't tried them, do), and we're willing to bet you've got your own unique style - whether you think of it as "style" or not. Either way, the universal truth for Dorks is that the more self-aware they are, the more endearing and fun! So do the world a favor and just roll with your dork-ness - We promise you'll love the result!