Apparently These Are The 10 'Luckiest' Names For A Woman To Have

Do you feel lucky? Recent U.K. research has revealed the top 10 luckiest names to have in Western culture. See if yours is on the list!

Luck be a lady tonight...

Literally. A new survey hailing from the U.K.'s (courtesy of The Sun) shows definitively that some names are bound for luck and fortune. 2,000 British adult citizens were straight-up asked "how lucky they are", and a very surprising trend developed - leading to these results. As math and circumstance would have it, there's a lot of common names on the list, so you may be in luck!

Are you one of the lucky ones, ladies? Let's find out!


Surprised? So were we! Well, right up until #1, of course. C'mon... It's the name of our favorite Princess since Diana. No one else stood a chance!

How about you, though? Are you on the list? Let us know in the comments below - And share the luck with any friend who IS on the list!