Kids can see the fun in just about everything. Back when you were a kid, you could probably pick up any random thing off the street but as an adult....not so much...And through adult eyes, it can be e...

Kids can see the fun in just about everything. Back when you were a kid, you could probably pick up any random thing off the street but as an adult....not so much...And through adult eyes, it can be especially difficult to try and remember the mindset you used to have. The nice people at AskReddit had people share the toys they used to love as kids, but now find strange as an adult. What they came up with was weirdly relatable. Please enjoy:

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Moots_point had the next best thing to getting a puppy:

"My sisters and I had this Mr. Banana man during all of our childhood. I remember my younger sister chewing on it when she was teething and watching it squeak. It wasn't until 15 years later that we all realized it was a dog toy. We always referred to him as Mr. Banana man. 

Funny thing is, we never owned a dog."

vault13rev's favorite toy may have been Skynet:

"I used to have this little handheld LCD game, except it had like 10 games in it. It would talk to you, and I remember that the Tic-Tac-Toe game in particular would learn. Once you used a given trick on it a couple of times it would start to counter you early on.

Actually, that little handheld whatsit was pretty cool. Might dig one up for my kids."

butterflynana8's favorite toy was the toast of the town:

"I had a foam piece of toast and a plastic chicken nugget. They had conversations, went to the mall, did grocery shopping, and had fights. The toast had bite marks all over it because I was teething."

Joten let out his inner Ninja Turtle:

"I had a large plastic stick that was used to keep the patio door shut in case an intruder picked the lock and tried to break in. 

I saw the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and loved Donatello so I used it as a Bo. 

My mother bought another one because she didn't want to stop me having fun."

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TomVancity wasn't afraid of no burns:

"I had my moms old curling iron that I pretended was a ghostbusters gun. Teacher in class was like “why do you have a curling iron in your desk?”"

KhaleesiKissedByFire had the creepiest of creepy dolls:

"Whats-her-face dolls. These were literally faceless dolls and you were supposed to give them a new face (you could draw or use these little stamps that they gave you) and you could erase their face and do it all over again. I loved them when I was little, but when they're faceless.. creepy little things they were."

bodegas's favorite toy stank:

"I had a He-Man figure of a character called Stinkor. The toy reeked! Really really stank.

I found out later they made it by injecting a bunch of patchouli oil into the plastic mold."

Panhead09's mom had some odd rules about toys:

"A bunch of Ken dolls.

I'm a guy, so my mom didn't wanna get me Barbies, obviously. But she also didn't want me playing with action figures because they promoted violence. So I just got Ken dolls and a camping playset for them."

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HighSierraCO's parents did not fuck around:

"A machete. 

My parents gave me a 24” machete when I was 6 or 7. We lived in tropical climate, so weeds and overgrowth were a constant problem. I spent many years of my childhood happily hacking weeds, and occasionally my mother’s garden, pretending the offending greenery were monsters or other vile creatures worthy of being dispatched. I’m sure my parents are tickled with how much free yard care they got out of that cheap machete."

FamousOhioAppleHorn had a questionable dating game:

"The Dream Phone game, which was a card deck of hot 20-something guys & a fake phone where the men would give you clues who was crushing on you. Pretty creepy in hindsight. And they definitely didn't make a version of that for teenage boys 😂"

ainovoodialune had the creepiest baby ever:

"In the bathtub I used to fill up a rubber glove (my mom's a doctor so we had plenty of those) and pretend that it was my child. In hindsight, pretty odd."

Theo_Retisch proves that even normal toys can be weird in the right context:


I played alone"