Has Netflix Overtaken Your Life?

While some prefer streaming a late night movie just once in a while, only the hardcore Netflixers know the real struggle of loading screens, slow internet, and dreaded error boxes

Elaine Brunson
Created by Elaine Brunson
On Jun 23, 2014

Let's start with the basics. What is Netflix?

In your free time, what are you doing?

How does this make you feel?

Which of these titles is NOT on Netflix? Without looking...

How much of your day is dedicated to watching Netflix?

Which of these questions is more important to you?

How many of these currently reside in your home?

And finally, why do you watch Netflix?

Netflix IS your life!

Netflix IS your life!

So you and your Netflix account are close. Really close. So what? You'll always be the first person to watch the newest season of shows like "Orange is the New Black". Just think about all the fun you can have 'accidentally' revealing spoilers

You have somehow escaped Netflix's hypnotic hold!

You have somehow escaped Netflix's hypnotic hold!

For starters: are you human? Because it takes a kind of superhuman strength to not be sucked into the wonderful, work-free realm that is Netflix. Seriously, you should get an award or something