What Percent Of Yourself Do You Really Understand?

The number might surprise you.

Eirabella Akoi
On Mar 29, 2017

Would you like the chance to do something over in your life?

Someone said something that you COMPLETELY disagree with in an open forum where you're free to voice your opinion - what do you do?

Is it easy for you to trust someone?

How long would you take to know if you'll get along with someone.

Would you consider yourself a people person?

Which word fits your best friend?

Do you get angry often?

What is a negative word that describes you?

If you could be any animal - which would it be?

You Understand 50% of Yourself

You Understand 50% of Yourself

You're still a mystery to yourself, and that's not a bad thing!

You are the story that can still be written - you have a lot of learning to do and room to grow. All this means if that you have the most potential to be a better person!

You're a great listener, you're nice, and you're persistent - those are the perfect qualities of someone who is ready to find out more about themselves.

So what new discoveries will you make?

You Understand 65% of Yourself

You Understand 65% of Yourself

You're well on your way to figuring out yourself, but there is a large part that is still unknown.

Do you find yourself ever wanting to explore the world? Maybe you should take a long trip and see something new and exciting - it'll help show you a part of you that you haven't seen before!

You have a great energy living deep inside you - you just need to channel that energy and use your personality to harness it.

You're well on your way - so keep going!

You Understand 75% of Yourself!

You Understand 75% of Yourself!

The majority of the human race is at 75%.

It is the average of what you understand about yourself from the ages of 16-27, it can go much further than that too. This means that you have a great grasp on who you are, but you also have mystery and it's worth exploring.

Perhaps you have a talent that you don't know of, maybe you're in love with someone and you don't even know it, maybe you're in a battle with your emotions and it's hard for you to notice.

Take some time to yourself, look deep inside your heart - and I think you'll surprise yourself when you find out~

Wow! You Understand 90% of Yourself!

Wow! You Understand 90% of Yourself!

About 20% of the greater population understands 90% of themselves. This means that most of your mystery is solved, and this is a great thing! This also means that you have a little mystery left, so there are some great things you can still find out about yourself.

The age frame of people who know themselves this well is generally from 35-50, you have been through most of your ups and downs and are mature enough to say you have a fine grasp on what you want.

There is still something new about you - something interesting,

WOW! You Understand 99% of Yourself! Amazing!

WOW! You Understand 99% of Yourself! Amazing!

99% is the most rare number, but it might not seem like that - that's because the people with 99% are so open about their experiences.

You are confident, insightful - and most importantly well beyond your years! The people who get to this stage are not usually cognizant of it - but you get "you."

You know what you want, you're comfortable with following your own dreams, and you're good at being yourself. Humans are often tricked into being something they're not - they try too hard to fit in that they forgot who they were before... you'll never have that problem!

And you may ask, "What's that 1%?" Well no one knows EVERYTHING, lol!