Writing a Journalism Expository Essay

Once you become a Journalism student, you will have to learn to write expository essays as most of the times your professor will ask you to write one. This will require you to be familiar with how you need to structure it and the purpose of you writing one. It can become a bit tricky to you in knowing how to begin one especially if you have not yet acquired a knack for writing.

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In your introduction section, you will need to have your opening sentence include a general statement on your topic that will intrigue your audience’s attention.

This is paramount as you do not want to write an essay that will not interest your audience to reading it. Thus, you need to have a relevant quotation, anecdote, question or fascinating fact that you can use to position yourself in your topic.


ii. After you have written your opening sentence, you will need to ensure that you provide your evidence in a manner that your audience will understand.

This is so that your audience can understand what your topic is all about.


iii. Then as you finish your introduction section, you will end it with your thesis statement where your state your position in an arguable way.

This should be in relation to you supporting your topic with enough evidence in your body paragraphs.


iv. Once you adhere to the above, you can now go to the next section that is your body paragraphs.

Here you will begin it by having your topic sentence where you provide your main idea of the paragraph to your audience.


v. Then you will need to support your evidence in relation to your topic sentence in each paragraph.

This entails you including any particular textual proof that you have gotten from your research. You will also need to support your evidence from any cited quotes, summary or paraphrases in relation to your topic sentence.


vi. Once you adhere to this, you can now look into your analysis of the information that you have gathered to support your topic sentence

This involves you explaining to your audience on the significance of your evidence that you are including. Also, you need to think about on your reasons for you including it in your body paragraphs. This has to be in relation to how it is in support of your thesis.


vii. As you wrap up your body paragraph section, you can ensure that your transitions in each paragraph are well connected.

This includes you demonstrating how each one of your ideas is leading to the next.

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