A Washington Man Accidentally Texted His Former Boss To Help Him Kill His Wife

Jeffery Scott Lytle is in prison being held on a $1 million bond after he accidentally texted his former employer to help him murder his wife and daughter. Find out more here.

Earl Gray
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On Feb 15, 2017
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Last week in Washington state, someone alerted authorities to a chilling text message they received from a former employee named Jeffery Scott Lytle. The message outlined a detailed plan to kill Lytle's wife and four-year-old daughter and asked for help in doing so in exchange for repayment of up to half of the wife's life insurance policy and the entirety of the daughter's. It started with these words:

The message continues:

Jeffery Scott Lytle
I go to work 5 in the morning. [My wife] goes to work at 2:00pm so if you can make a robbery gone wrong or make it a accident she works at walmart she gets off at 11:00. I'll split everything with the insurance 50/50.
Jeffery Scott Lytle, Sacramento Bee, February 15, 2017

Lytle initially denied even writing the message but later admitted to typing it out as a way to "vent." He says that he saved the message, addressed to a person he claims is imaginary, named Shayne, on his phone and that his daughter must have sent it while she was playing. In the messages, he also claimed that his wife had a $1 million life insurance policy, which, as far as investigators have found, is untrue. Friends of the family have also said that it is likely to be untrue. Lytle's roommate, German Ellano, commented, saying:

He's not going to do something like that.
He's not going to do something like that.
German Ellano, Sacramento Bee, February 15, 2017

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