How Well Do You Know 80's John Hughes Movies?

How much do you remember about "The Breakfast Club," "Pretty in Pink," and "Sixteen Candles"?

Doctor Dorian
Created By Doctor Dorian
On Mar 26, 2015
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In "The Breakfast Club," Claire makes out with ______ to shock her classmates.

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In "The Breakfast Club," Brian confesses to:

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In "The Breakfast Club," Allison insists that she is:

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At the end of "The Breakfast Club," Claire gives Bender _______ .

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In "The Breakfast Club," Andy is frustrated because:

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In "Pretty in Pink," Andie finally decides to attend prom because:

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In "Pretty in Pink," Duckie has a secret crush on:

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"Pretty in Pink" was named after Andie's prom dress. How did she acquire such a fine article of clothing?

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In "Pretty in Pink," why does Andie refuse to let Blane take her all the way home after their date?

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Duckie gets in a fight with ________ after he/she makes fun of Andie at school.

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In "Sixteen Candles," Ted wins a bet with his friends by:

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In "Sixteen Candles," Samantha's stolen sex quiz reveals that:

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In this scene from "Sixteen Candles," Jake and Ted are...

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In "Sixteen Candles," Sam's family doesn't celebrate her 16th birthday because:

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In "Sixteen Candles," Ted and his friends get in trouble at Jake's party because:

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