11 Times Rachel and Phoebe Created Timeless Friendship Goals

Are you and your best friend like Rachel and Phoebe?

Created by Driver
On Feb 19, 2017
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1. When Phoebe didn't know what was going on, but was still supportive of Rachel!

2. They are on the same wave length even about things that disgust them.

*They caught Chandler and Monica*

3. They understand each other's humor!

4. They're great a keeping shared secrets.

5. They can be real and transparent with each other about everything.

6. They can casually do this.

7. They can have a friendly competition without hating each other in the end!

8. They take an interest in each other's activities.

9. When Phoebe was pregnant Rachel never left her side even though she was terrified.

10. They are supportive of each other's relationships.

11. Neither are afraid to get a little weird in front of each other.