Can You Remember These 90's Beauty Essentials?

I remember glitter, a lot of glitter.

Dionne Taylor
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On Mar 29, 2017

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Nothing says 90's flawless complexion than dream matte mousse.


Bon Belle Lip Smacker

These were a must-have, they tasted almost good enough to eat.


Hair Mascara

Because you're mum wouldn't let you permanently die your hair, this would have to do.


Roll-On Glitter

Supposed to look sexy, actually made you look very sweaty and a pain to get off.


Impulse Body Spray

It may have been cheap and sickly sweet, but you it was crime to be seen without it!


Blue Mascara

...What were we thinking?!


Lancome Juicy Tubes

Guaranteed to give you a perfect, full pout that even Kylie Jenner couldn't replicate.


Sun-In Spray

Did anyone else spend the summer of '98 looking like a partial Carrot Top wannabe? I did. That stuff was not meant for brown hair.


Glitter Hairspray

What was it with us 90's kids and glitter?!


Herbal Essences

With this, you could smell like a rainforest without having to leave your bathroom.


Rimmel Fudge Brownie Lipstick well as Heather Shimmer, Coffee Shimmer and Wild Clover.


Miss Selfridge's Kiss and Make Up Range

This was the ultimate birthday present, because it's not like you already owned tons of purple makeup.


Hair Crimpers

Well if it was good enough for Britney, it was good enough for us.

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