Getting to know Canada’s reigning winter world champions

Here’s your chance to see what you know about some of our top athletes:

The Canadian Olympic Team
On Nov 18, 2016
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Which of these skaters owns an African grey parrot named Gizmo?

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Which hockey player became the 27th member of the triple gold club when Canada won the 2016 world title?

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Which of these skaters is also an accomplished pianist and composer?

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Which two members of the 2016 men’s world champion curling rink also have Olympic gold medals?

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Which of these skaters is a holistic nutritionist who has maintained a vegan diet since 2008?

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Which of these skaters has shared an Olympic podium with a younger brother?

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Which of these skaters lives by the philosophy “Smile when it rains”?

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Which freestyle skier had to be bribed with chocolate to ski through the moguls when they were younger?

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Which freestyle skier always wears the same t-shirt in competition that reads “It’s good to be the king”?

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