Introversion Extraversion Quiz

Reinforcement sensitivity theory (RST) links behavioral approach system's (BAS) reward responsiveness (RR) and BAS's fun seeking (FS) to extraversion (psychopathy) and behavioral inhibition system (BIS) to introversion (neuroticism). BAS FS evaluates impulsiveness, so it would be better suited for the Perceiving function of the MBTI test. Here extraversion is only associated with RR. Citation: doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2010.00239.

Devin Harper
Created By Devin Harper
On Jan 19, 2015

I am someone who goes all-out

If I discover something new I like, I usually continue doing it for a while

I would do anything to achieve my goals

When I am successful at something, I continue doing it

When I go after something I use a "no holds barred" approach

When I see an opportunity for something, I love to keep at it

When I'm doing well at something, I love to keep at it

If I see a chance of something I want, I move on it right away

Even if something bad is about to happen to me, I rarely experience fear or nervousness.

Criticism or scolding hurts me quite a bit

I feel pretty worried when I think or know somebody is angry at me

If I think something unpleasant is going to happen, I usually get pretty “worked up.”

I feel worried when I think I have done poorly at something

I have very few fears compared to my friends

I worry about making mistakes



You are more of an extravert than an introvert.



You are more of an introvert than an extravert.