Are You Naturally An Introvert, Extrovert, Or Ambivert? [revised]

Many extroverts claim introvertism, and some introverts find themselves acting in some extrovert-like ways. Could you really just be an Ambivert, someone who falls in the middle and has both extrovert and introvert qualities? Take the quiz to find out who you really are.

Desiree Munn
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On Mar 29, 2017

Do you personally think you are an extrovert or an introvert?

Do you find small talk difficult, can you start a conversation and maintain it easily?

How are you when it comes to meeting new people?

How are your friendships?

How do you view social events (parties, get-together's, socials, etc...)?

When at work, church, school, people come up to you to talk or do you go up to people yourself?

When out in town or at the store, when you see someone you know, what do you do?

You are out in town or at the store, and someone DOES see you and comes up to you, how do you feel?

Do you care about what people think about you?

How are you in voicing your opinion?

Which of these negative traits would other people use to describe you the most:

Which of these positive traits would other people use to describe you:

What types of colors do you gravitate towards?

Through what medium would you prefer to speak with someone?

Your phone rings, what do you do the most often?

When you do have to call someone on the phone, how do you feel?

How would you rather spend your free time or alone time?

Do you find yourself ever wishing you were not the personality type that you are?



You are an introvert, truly. You desperately crave for friendship, but find it hard to make friends - much less maintain more than a couple of friendships at any given time. You are actually more rare of a personality type than extroverts and omniverts. People think of you as shy, weird, aloof, and maybe even judgmental. However, for those few who do break into that rock hard shell of yours, they tend to be lifelong friends. You find it easy to have relationships with those people - but only if they continue the effort. Once a friend relies on you to maintain the friendship, it quickly downgrades into a mere acquaintanceship. People have to make an extra effort to be your friend because of your social inactivity. You want to be social and love the thought of being social, but your fear of what people think and your inability to generate small talk leads you to not interact with others beyond necessity. You are the one who sits silently and keeps to themself. You are always kind, friendly, and polite, but find social interaction tiring and downright nerve-wracking sometimes. You feel the most comfortable in situations and places where you can just blend in quietly, but still be a part of it all.



You are an extrovert, but I bet you already knew that didn't you? You are the one who finds it extremely easy to make friends and meet new people. In fact, you love opportunities in which you could make new friends and connections. Your phone plan is the one where you always max out your data with the thousands of texts and phone calls you make. People generally see you as the friendly, bubbly, outgoing type - though be careful because sometimes you can overdo it and appear annoying, obnoxious, or loud. You generally have a lot of friends with several best buds that you are always with doing something fun. The thought of social events excites you and you have no qualms with holding social functions. You may need to take some personal alone time in order to recharge before go-going some more. You find it easy to volunteer and often put yourself before others. Your type is generally the only type that will make the effort to befriend introverts, though you will never understand them. Your outgoing personality will take you far in life, but be careful not to get involved in any drama.



You are an Ambivert, the one type that is always overlooked because it is the relatively "normal" type. You are the most common of the three types because you share traits of both extrovertism and introvertism. Everything depends on the situation with you. Your friendliness, activities, and appearance towards others all depend on the situation and circumstance in which you are involved. You befriend those who can relate to you, but you aren't overly friendly nor shy. You appreciate your alone time, but desire human interaction on a daily basis. Most omniverts view themselves as introverts, but are always second-guessing themselves. It's okay to not be one or the other. You are the type that keeps society in balance.