What Do You Know About Famous Mamas?

Who adopted much of her giant brood? Which mom had her babe at 41? Take our quiz to find out! Good luck, Mama!

The Witty Mom
Created by The Witty Mom
On Sep 22, 2021

What Do You Know About Famous Mamas?

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Which famous mom posed nude on the cover of Vanity Fair when she was seven months pregnant?

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This “spicy” mom told Eddie Murphy what she really, really wanted was for him to sign their daughter’s birth certificate.

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Proving that bigger is better for her, which celebrity mom gave birth to an adorable tomboy, boy/girl twins, and adopted 3 gorgeous international kiddos?

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We’re sure this Sex-y mom hasn’t wanted her famous husband to take the “day off” since their twin daughters arrived via surrogate.

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One Willow “whips her hair,” while the other Willow might get whiplash riding motocross. Which celeb moms both named their daughters Willow?

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After her now ex-husband Blind Sided her with an affair with a tattooed vixen, this mom continued with the adoption of her loveable son, Louis, anyway.

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Thanks to an amicable divorce and a fair settlement, this newly single mom and her fashionista daughter won’t be up the “creek.”

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This Hollywood mom met the father of her trio on the set of their movie, Daredevil.

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Proving that pregnancy can look great at any age, which famous mom gave birth to her daughter, Nahla, when she was 41 years young?

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Which singer-dancer-actress made it look easy when she went on tour while pregnant with twins Max and Emme?

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