The Two Month Old Baby Quiz

What's in store for your newborn in the first 60 days of her life? Test your knowledge of how babies change and develop in their second month.

The Witty Mom
Created by The Witty Mom
On Sep 17, 2021
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Your partner excitedly tells you he just tickled your baby and made a funny, high-pitched noise at her. He swears that he made her smile. What do you think?

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Which exercise might your baby start doing during tummy time this month?

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How is your two-month-old learning about language this month?

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When you put baby down for some floor time you notice he is starting to cry while batting his arm at a toy that is out of reach. Which emotion is he learning to express this month?

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At the supermarket, a stranger pops over and gets a little too close to your baby's face. Have your baby's emotions developed enough for him to feel a bit wary?

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By the end of the second month, does your baby still prefer bold, simple images, or more complex patterns?

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The second month is typically when babies begin attempts at rolling over by moving from side to back or back to side.

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This month you baby will want to spend more time facing outward when being held because:

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Tummy time and being held upright are important right now because which body part is getting much stronger this month?

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In the second month there's a reasonable chance you'll get more sleep as baby is starting to sleep longer stretches at night.

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