The Pregnancy Quiz

How much do you know about being pregnant? How many calories should you eat a day? What veggies should you eat? Test yourself with our Pregnancy Quiz!

The Witty Mom
Created by The Witty Mom
On Sep 22, 2021

The Pregnancy Quiz

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Nutrition is very important for pregnant women. It's recommended that they consume an average of how many additional calories a day?

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A pregnancy test will come back positive if this hormone is detected:

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The more heartburn you have during pregnancy, the more likely your baby will be born with a full head of hair.

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“Pregnancy brain” is no myth—research has shown that a woman’s brain-cell volume decreases when she’s expecting. And pregnant women have found to be the most forgetful when they’re carrying:

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Parents can choose to find out the sex of their baby beginning at:

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Approximately one in three women will give birth in this manner:

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At about 24 weeks, most pregnant women take a glucose screening test, which involves drinking a bottle of sickeningly sweet juice and having their blood drawn an hour later. This test detects for gestational diabetes, which occurs in what percentage of pregnancies?

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An in-utero baby hits the 1-pound mark around:

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On average, women feel their baby kick or move at:

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More than 50% of babies are late, born after their due date. What percentage actually arrive on their due date?

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