All About Your Developing Baby

From helpless infant to a walking, talking toddler, babies develop rapidly during the first years of life. Check your knowledge of developmental milestones with this quiz.

The Witty Mom
Created by The Witty Mom
On Sep 19, 2021

All About Your Developing Baby Quiz

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Your cousin Sally insists that her two-week-old regularly grins at her, but you’re doubtful, since you know most babies don’t smile consistently until:

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You’ve started to get serious about baby-proofing your house, because your little one has just started crawling and getting into everything. Your baby is around:

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What a great way to start the day! Your 10-month-old:

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One month old and your baby has changed so much already; she’s even able to:

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Finally you caught it on camera: your baby’s new skill of rolling over in both directions. She’s doing just what you’d expect from a:

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Your 11-month-old is developing right along with most kids her age if she:

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Finally you can set your child up with some crayons and he’s able to scribble for a bit--hooray, another way to occupy him for a few minutes. Your little guy is:

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You step out of the room for a minute and come back to find your nine-month-old:

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Uh-oh, your child just threw a big tantrum. You’d heard about the “terrible twos,” but your little one is only:

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Your friendly 13-month-old brings a smile to everyone's face when he:

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