Name And Shame These Premier League Bad Boys

Punches, headbutts, stamps, elbows, biting, red cards, yellow cards, fines, suspension and prison. This isn't the Ultimate Fighting Championship, this is English football! Can you name all of the Premier League bad boys?

Dave Hornby
Created By Dave Hornby
On Apr 28, 2014
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Which two Newcastle players were sent off for fighting with each other on the pitch?

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Which fiery Italian was sent off for fighting, then pushed over a referee in a moment of madness?

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Which player was banned after Kung-Fu kicking a Crystal Palace fan?

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Which manager has recently been involved in a headbutting incident on the touchline?

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Patrick Vieira, Duncan Ferguson and which defender hold the record for the most red cards in the Premier League era?

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Which player kicked his West Ham teammate Eyal Berkovic in the face during a training session?

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Which of the following misdemeanours has Joey Barton NOT committed?

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Which Southampton player - who only signed 6 months previously - was loaned out in January after an unsavoury training ground incident?

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Hull City's Dean Windass was booked for unsportsmanlike conduct without even being on the pitch - what did he do?

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Liverpool's Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez was banned for 10 games for doing what to Branislav Ivanovic?

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Lee Bowyer, Kevin Davies and Paul Scholes all picked up the most yellow cards in Premier League history - how many did they amass?

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Which former Premier League player was given a 3-month prison sentence following an on-field headbutt whilst playing in Scotland?

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Who was the first player to receive 5 yellow cards in his first 5 League games?

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Which player admitted in his biography to injuring Alf-Inge Haaland as revenge for an incident that happened 3 years prior?

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Former Premier League hardman Vinnie Jones received one of the quickest yellow cards in history - how quickly was he booked after kick-off?

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