Guess The Premier League Player By Their Nickname

Goldenballs, The Ox, Wazza and Donkey - everyone loves a good moniker. Can you name the following past and present Premier League players and managers based on their nicknames?

Dave Hornby
Created By Dave Hornby
On Apr 28, 2014
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Which former Arsenal favourite was nicknamed 'The Romford Pele'?

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Which striker was known as 'The Baby-Faced Assassin'?

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Which French player was given the nickname 'Le Sulk'?

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Sheffield Wednesday's Gilles De Bilde was nicknamed 'Bob' after which cartoon character?

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Who do Liverpool supporters refer to as 'God'?

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Which former Premier League winger was nicknamed 'The Flying Dutchman'?

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Which former Premier League star was called 'The Non-Flying Dutchman'?

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Which Premier League player was known as 'Psycho'?

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Man Utd striker Javier Hernandez plays with his nickname 'Chicharito' on his shirt - what does this mean in English?

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Which former Premier League and current US Men's National Soccer Team star has the nickname 'Deuce'?

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Former Man Utd and QPR midfielder Park Ji-Sung gained what nickname?

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Which Spanish Premier League player is called 'El Nino' (The Kid)?

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Which player - and now manager - took the nickname 'Sparky' from a comic strip of the same name?

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Which former Premier League and England goalkeeper was given the nickname 'Calamity'?

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Which Chelsea manager was dubbed 'The Special One'?

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