Which Girl From "Girl Meets World" Are You?

Take on the world. Or maybe just this quiz. ;)

Danielle Rother
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On Mar 29, 2017

The school homecoming dance is coming up! What kind of dress are you going to wear?

Pick your favorite Powerpuff Girl!

If you could have a special super power what would it be?

Someone sitting behind you in class drops a pencil on the floor and it rolled next to you. What do you do?

Pick one of the four elements.

What stereotype describes you?

What are you reading?

Pick a boy from "Boy Meets World."

Pick your favorite Disney Channel girl from another TV show.

What is the best quality in a friend?

Riley Matthews

Riley Matthews

You are most like Riley Matthews! You may be a little quirky and clumsy at times, but you have the biggest heart and always know how to brighten someone's day. You love to learn new things about the world and you are very driven by your ambitious life goals. Don't let anyone stop you. Keep taking on the world one step at a time and let your spunky inner diva shine through!

Maya Hart

Maya Hart

You are most like Maya Hart! You may be a bit of a troublemaker sometimes, but you are very confident in yourself and are motivated by your dreams. You are a good and loyal friend and will fight for what you believe in. But just remember not to let life bring you down when it doesn't go as planned. Something much better is always waiting for you out there. So always keep that feisty spirit alive and never stop dreaming!

Topanga Matthews

Topanga Matthews

You are most like Topanga Matthews! Just like her, you have a very charming personality on top of all the other amazing qualities you have—such as being beautiful, mature, and smart. You are a very sophisticated and down to earth young lady. And everyone thinks you are (or will be) the world's best wife and mother! You have very high standards and won't settle for anything less. Congrats on all the life accomplishments you have achieved thus far. Keep up the good work!

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