Win a Gold Medal in Trivia! (The Olympic Movies Quiz)

While the whole world is watching Rio to see who will bring the next Gold Medal, it's your chance to show how well do you know movies.
Give it your best shot!

Dan Gertler
Created by Dan Gertler
On Aug 21, 2016
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The true story of the Jamaica national bobsleigh team competing in the 1988 winter Olympics against all odds

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This film tells the story of the first black gymnast to win gold in both the individual all-round and team competitions. This gymnast is of course

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One of America’s most promising athletes dies in a car accident at the age of 24. This film tells his story

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The ambition to win a medal brings these two opposites together, leading to a powerful love story

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A milestone in documentary filmmaking, this film brings to focus the human side of the Olympics and the great sacrifices athletes must make

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His nickname was “The Eagle” because when he ski-jumped he was practically flying. His fame is recorded in a 1988 film

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Sports has always been a good way to discuss discrimination. This film made class and religious division in the 1920’s England its topic

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He overcame racism and the Second World War only to be accused of tax evasion several decades later, his story is told in this memorable film

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A classic book from our childhood comes to life in this film

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Women athletes are usually not given as much attention as men in films, but this film is all about them

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