Do You Have A Sweet Tooth?

Do you have a major sweet tooth in your mouth?

Daeneryus Targarean 0421
On Jun 3, 2015

What do you want for dessert?

Pick a color?

Pick a Hershey's sauce?

Pick a Starbucks frappe?

Pick a coffee place?


Would you rather?

What can I get you today?

Pick a soda?

Pick a topping?

You Have A Major Sweet Tooth!

You Have A Major Sweet Tooth!

You Have A Major Sweet Tooth
You <3 sweets and sugar
You might wanna save up some money for dentists appointments
You are cavity central

In The Middle

In The Middle

You are in the middle
You like to have your sweets
Once in a while
Because you also like the salty and savory foods too
You have a healthy balance of sweets and non-sweets

Not Really

Not Really

Not really a sweet tooth
You have maybe a little piece of candy
Or a slice of cake
Very rarely
Personally you prefer solid, savory foods over sweet and sugary