Are You A Sweet Or Savoury Muncher?

Answer these 6 questions and we'll tell you whether you prefer sweet or savoury snacks.

Created By daemon
On Feb 9, 2018
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Sometimes when you're flying high like an effing kite in the mother effing sky, you become indecisive. You're not sure what you're in the mood for. Do you want something sweet or something salty? . Answer the quiz below and let us tell you whether you're the type that prefers sweet or savoury snack and what to grab, shove in your mouth and let the flavours envelope your tongue.

Indica or Sativa?

What's your ideal stoner activity

Do you have diabetes?

Cats or Dogs?

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Are you male or female?

You prefer savoury!

You prefer savoury!

It's not like you hate sweet snacks but there's nothing better than taking a trip to Salt Lake City. Whether you prefer eating something light like buttery popcorn, crunchy chips, flaming hot cheetos or if you prefer heavier meals like pizza, pasta, nachos or noodles, that savoury taste just really kicks your trip into overdrive right into flavour euphoria.

You should snack on pizza nachos! It combines something light like chips and something heavy like cheese and meat.


You prefer sweet!

You prefer sweet!

Even though you do like salty foods as well, there's nothing better than having a piece of chocolate slowly melt in your mouth, enveloping every inch of your tongue with such a complex flavour of sweet, creamy and a touch of bitterness. The flagrant aroma of cacao goes right to you head sending you straight to flavour euphoria. Off course you like most things sweet, cakes, pastries, gummies, ice cream or candy.You are no sugar snob!

Try a FreakShake! All textures of sweetness combined into one