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Do you think you know about pro wrestling's past? If so, test your knowledge with this rather tough quiz.

Cynthia Miller
Created by Cynthia Miller
On Jul 11, 2014
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Which one of the following wrestlers had such strong neck muscles that he often took 6-foot hangman drops as a party trick?

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Who is this wrestler?

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Which one of the following wrestlers is not a part of the famous Anoa'i family?

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Which one of the following names did Canadian grappler Don Jardine NOT use during his career?

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This is a photo of Buddy Rogers. Which one of the following monikers belonged to him?

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How many decades did the legendary Lou Thesz wrestle in?

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This is One Man Gang. In 1988, he underwent a major "transformation" in a truly cheesy skit. What was his new name?

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Which of the following names did Scott NOT use during his career?

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In the early 20th century, "The Russian Lion" George Hackenschmidt was considered absolutely invincible. But in 1908, the world was shocked when a certain American wrestler defeated him. Who was the wrestler in question?

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Which one of these "fabulous" tag teams/factions was around first?

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Which wrestling promotion held the first ever ladder match?

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Which two current (as of July 2014) WWE wrestlers are the grandsons of the infamously rowdy Blackjack Mulligan?

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At one time, wrestlers were not allowed to wear masks in Madison Square Garden. Who was the first masked man to wrestle there?

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The "Mandible Claw" was popularized by Mankind (aka Mick Foley), but he wasn't the first wrestler to use it. What wrestler invented this painful hold?

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Who is this wrestler?

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Which wrestler is notorious for his brutal use of forks during matches?

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Which one of these managers has managed the backwooded savages known as the Moondogs?

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Which wrestler attacked then-WWF President Jack Tunney on the Brother Love Show?

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Contrary to what WWWF/WWF/WWE would have you believe, a LOT of people have slammed Andre the Giant long before Hogan did it at Wrestlemania 3 (In fact, Hogan himself slammed him years prior to WMIII). Which one of the following wrestlers has never slammed him?

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Whose ear did Killer Kowalski accidentally take off during a match?

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Which one of the following wrestlers was never a member of the Four Horsemen?

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Wrestling has had its share of ludicrous appearances by fictional characters, ranging from Chucky to the Muppets. Which one of the following characters has been involved with a wrestling show at some point?

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Who was the mystery partner of Sting, Dustin Rhodes and Davey Boy Smith for the 8-man tag match at WCW's pay-per-view, Fall Brawl, in 1993?

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Who defeated the powerful Bruno Sammartino to capture the WWWF Championship on January 18, 1971?

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Boxing legend Muhammad Ali credited which wrestler for influencing his antics and outrageous behavior?

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Which one of the following men was NOT a member of the Gold Dust Trio, a group that controlled wrestling during the 1920s and moved the sport more in the "staged entertainment" direction.

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Which one of these wrestlers was never a member of Kevin Sullivan's "Army of Darkness" faction?

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During the Monday Night Wars, which wrestler appeared on WWF Raw and WCW Nitro on the same night (due to Raw being a prerecorded episode that week)?

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Which wrestler did Bobby "The Brain" Heenan manage all the way to winning his first AWA World Heavyweight Championship on November 8, 1975?

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Virtually any wrestling fan can tell you about the Rock 'N Roll Express and the Midnight Express. However, there were other tag teams with the word "Express" in the name too. Three of the names below were actual tag team names. One of them is fake. Which one is the fake tag team name?

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