When Doritos Heard About This "Cheesy" Promposal, They Sent Four Teens To Prom In Helicopters!

When the chip company found out that Shaedon Wedel had asked his best friend's younger sister with down syndrome to be his prom date using their brand, they decided to lend a helping hand to get the two and their friends to prom in style! Find out more here!

To help her have the Cinderella prom she always dreamed about, Shaedon Wedel asked Carlie Whittman, his best friend's younger sister who has down syndrome, to be his date with an extra cheesy promposal created with her favorite snack. He put on a Doritos shirt that said:

When Doritos heard about it, they knew that couldn't be the end of this cheesy prom story, so to help Shaedon and Carlie get to prom in nacho-flavored style, they sent two helicopters and rolled out a red carpet for the pair, as well as Carlie's brother and his date. It was truly a cheese-dust-covered fairy tale come true.

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