These Are The 5 Weirdest Stories You'll Read This Week

From the transformation of the Babadook into a gay pride symbol to the twenty poor unfortunate souls at Disneyland who got rained down upon by geese with indigestion to Lindsay Lohan's surprisingly good haircut, here are five bizarre stories that have legitimately just happened.

Calvin Straw
Created By Calvin Straw
On Jun 13, 2017
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1. First, some unfortunate Disneygoers encountered a rain of terror.

2. On the less disgusting side of things, Lindsay Lohan has a new haircut...

3. But now, going back one disgusting step, have you seen what Pens fans are doing to raw fish?

4. In brighter news, the horror film creature, the Babadook, has become a gay icon and has been making appearances at Pride celebrations all month...

5. Finally, we saved the strangest for last...

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