5 Reasons You Need A Dog At Your Office Right Now

People on Twitter have recently been sharing their amazing experiences with dogs at their offices, and they're backed up by science! But which office dog is right for you?

Amy Sharpe
Created By Amy Sharpe
On Jan 30, 2017
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Recently, people on Twitter have been sharing some seriously enviable photos of themselves with their dogs at work, and they're actually there for a really good reason. Studies have shown that offices with pet-friendly policies can be better, more productive work environments. Here are five reasons you should have a dog in your office:

1. Dogs make people nicer.

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Having dogs around can make people a lot easier to deal with. It's really hard to not be a nicer person for having had a nice pup to play with. It's even harder not to smile!

2. Dogs can reduce stress by up to a third.

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The brains of people who own pets have been shown to release the hormone oxytocin when they get to play with dogs, reducing stress by up to 33%!

3. Reduced stress means reduced sick days.

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Last year in the UK, there were over 10 million cases of days missed due to stress-related illnesses. If dogs cut down stress by a third, that could mean 3 million fewer sick days!

4. Dogs make people more trusting.

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In a study, two groups of people were asked to work with or without a dog and then make an online money transfer to a stranger online afterward. The people who worked with a dog were 24% more trusting, which can be great for team building.

5. Office dogs remind people to take exercise breaks.

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Having an office dog reminds people to get out of their chairs and take a short break, improving circulation and decreasing all kinds of the problems that come with a sedentary lifestyle.

So, now that you know WHY you should have an office dog, it's time to find out WHICH office dog is right for you!

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