Which James Dean Character Are You?

Only the good die young...

Craig Kelly
Created by Craig Kelly
On Mar 28, 2019

Do you consider yourself a rebel?

Which of these classic cars would you rather cruise around in?

Which of these articles of clothing defines your personal style?

Which of these famous rebels would you rather have lunch with?

Which would you prefer to drink?

Have you ever been arrested?

Choose a location to film your movie.

Who in your life understands you best?

Jim Stark in Rebel Without a Cause

Jim Stark in Rebel Without a Cause

While there are times in which you may feel completely misunderstood, you’re a sensitive and thoughtful soul. So what if you don’t play by the rules? You’re an unforgettable icon and even when you make risky decisions, you land on your feet!

Cal Trask in East of Eden

Cal Trask in East of Eden

Just like James Dean's portrayal of Cal Trask in East of Eden, you are down to earth and honest. Family and loyalty are important to you as you value your relationships greatly. While you enjoy spending time alone and may feel like a bit of an outsider, the truth is that you are a self-sufficient dreamer with your goals set towards prosperity and accomplishment! Keep believing in yourself and you’re sure to find the road towards success!

Jett Rink in Giant

Jett Rink in Giant

Rugged and energetic, you value hard work and are committed to excellence no matter what you pursue in life. You have a personality as big as Texas, where this movie takes place, and superstar talent that sets you apart from the rest! No matter what you do, you’ll be remembered as an icon!