Will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Ever wonder if you'll survive the horrifying apocalypse? Then you've come to the right place! Find out if you'll die or not during the zombie apocalypse!

Created By CraftyCari
On Feb 5, 2017

Do you think you will survive the zombie apocalypse?

You find a town that is not yet infected. Do you:

You are running from a hoard of zombies when your friend falls. Do you:

You are watching Netflix (before the apocalypse) and look out the window. You see a whole bunch of 'people' dressed like zombies. Do you:

You are running from zombies and hide in a house. You find a funny looking piece of chocolate, and haven't eaten for days. Do you:

One of your friends got bit and is going to turn into a zombie soon! Do you:

You are watching TV (again, before the apocalypse) and hear your door creak and then a moan. Do you:

A zombie scratched you and you are going to become a zombie! Do you:

(Before the apocalypse again) You hear the invasion of zombies is coming on the radio. Do you:

How many survivors would be in your group?

You can only choose one weapon. You choose:

Zombies are surrounding you. You:

You find a pile of maybe dead zombies. Do you:

One day after the world is back to normal, when the apocalypse is over, you walk outside to see a pale and feverish person. You:

Where do you set up your base?

Any survival knowledge?

First aid knowledge?



You will go through the zombie apocalypse without a scratch!



You might, you might not. Only time will tell.

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

I'm so sorry, but you won't make it.