Which COURTNEY Are You?

Which band member of The Courtneys are you?? Sydney? Jen? Courtney? FIND OUT! (。◕ ‿ ◕。)

Courtney Loove
Created by Courtney Loove
On Mar 29, 2017

Which adjective best describes you?

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Favourite YMCA activity

Favourite way to chill out

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Kintaro Order

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Spirit Animal

Spirit Cheese



You are most like Jen of the Courtneys! Jen (AKA Cute Courtney, Courtni Twynn Payne) plays drums and handles most of the singing in the band. She is the coolest Courtney by a mile, you should be stoked! Jens dream is to one day have roadies.



You are most like Courtney of the Courtneys! Courtney (AKA Classic Courtney) plays guitar in the band, and is by far the chillest Courtney. Her dream is for the Courtneys to one day have their own animated cartoon series.



You are most like Sydney of the Courtneys! Sydney (AKA Crazy Courtney, AKA Kourtney Koke) plays bass in the band and is by far the loveliest Courtney of them all :) Sydneys dream is for the Courtneys to tour Australia so she may return to her homeland of Sydney.