How well do you know the rooftops around you?

Do you know your balustrades from your bargeboards? Your crenellations from your cornices? Could you identify the difference between a pitched roof and a hipped roof? It’s time to test your architectural knowledge – specifically your knowledge of the very buildings around you – with our fiendishly tricky rooftop quiz!

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On Mar 29, 2018
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The difference between a gargoyle and a grotesque is:

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True or false: a gabled (or pitched) roof has a slope on opposite sides with walls at either end, while a hipped roof has a slope on all four sides

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Bargeboards are:

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True or false, the word parapet is derived from the Italian word 'parare', which means to defend or cover

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The jagged structures that form the battlements you see here are called crenellations. These are comprised of crenels (the gaps) and a series of raised sections. What are the raised sections called?

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This feature became fashionable in the late 17th century. But what is it?

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The lightning rod came into popular use towards end of the 1700s. But who invented it?

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Can you correctly identify this clever device?

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