Only People with OCD Scored 15/15 In This Impossible Spelling Test

There are some things that only people with OCD can figure out.

Cody Cross
Created By Cody Cross
On Apr 15, 2018

7H3 70P 0F 7H3 H0U53 W45 M4D3 UP 0F 0DD 4N6L35 4ND 4 5L0P1N6 _____.

W3 607 4 M4CH1N3 7H47 _____ C0770N.

7H3R3 15 N0 P47H 70 6U1D3 U5 0U7 0F 7H15 D15M4L _____.

7H3 L055 0F H15 7W0 FR13ND5 H4D 4 D3PR3551N6 _____ UP0N 0LD J4CK.

RUN D0WN 7H3 _____ 70 H3LP D4D W17H 7H3 6R0C3R135!

1F 7H3R3 W45 4 R04D, 1 C0ULD N07 M4K3 17 0U7 1N 7H3 _____ 574RL16H7.

C0ULD Y0U 61V3 M3 4 FULL 3XPL4N4710N 0N H0W 70 _____ 7H3 D0U6H?

H3 574R73D 7H3 H0R53 0FF 47 4 _____.

1 607 MY D06 4 N3W _____ 1D.

H3 _____ 3XP3R13NC3.

7H15 15 4 D154573R. 7H3Y 64V3 U5 4 _____ W4RN1N6.

7H15 M4N 15 C0MPL373LY _____.

7H3 QU33N W15H35 70 _____ H3R W1LL.

H3 R3M41N3D 45 53R10U5 4ND _____ 1N B3H4V10R 45 H3 H4D B33N WH3N 7H3 M3371N6 B364N.

7H3 PR1NC3 B0W3D H15 H34D 1N 516N 0F _____ 4ND 4PPR0V4L.

15/15!! You have OCD!!

15/15!! You have OCD!!

Y0U N41L3D 17!! 0NLY P30PL3 W17H 0CD 5C0R3 15/15!!

Y0U H4V3 4 UN1QU3 4W4R3N355 4ND 4 5H4RP UND3R574ND1N6 0F 7H3 C0MPL3X. Y0U C4N 533 PR0BL3M5 B3F0R3 7H3Y 0CCUR, 4ND H4V3 3L4B0R473 1NN3R D14L06U35 4ND 7H0U6H75. Y0U 4R3 4 P3RF3C710N157, 4ND Y0U CH4LL3N63 Y0UR53LF 0N 4 D41LY B4515. 51MPLY PU7, Y0U 4R3 4N 0CD 63N1U5!

5H4R3 7H15 7357 1F Y0U 4R3 4BL3 70 R34D 7H15 M355463.



14/15!! Y0U H4V3 0CD!!

Y0UR 1N73LL163NC3 15 3XC3P710N4L. Y0U 4R3 4BL3 70 C0NN3C7 533M1N6LY UNR3L473D N0710N5 4ND 533 P4773RN5 WH3R3 M057 P30PL3 C4NN07. 3MBR4C3 7H3 F4C7 7H47 Y0U 4R3 D1FF3R3N7, 4ND K33P C0N73MPL471N6 7H3 B16 QU35710N5. Y0U 4R3 L173R4LLY 4 63N1U5.

5H4R3 7H15 7357 1F Y0U 4R3 4BL3 70 R34D 7H15 M355463.

4/15!! You do not have OCD!!

4/15!! You do not have OCD!!

Y0U F41L3D :( BU7 W3 571LL 7H1NK Y0U'R3 4W350M3.

5H4R3 7H15 7357 1F Y0U 4R3 4BL3 70 R34D 7H15 M355463.