How Much Do You Know About Social Security?

Love it or hate it, Social Security is the foundation of retirement in America. Take this 10-question quiz to gauge your Social Security savvy.

Created By CNBC
On Sep 20, 2015
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To get the most out of Social Security, you should always start collecting your benefits as soon as possible.

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Once you start collecting Social Security benefits, your payments are adjusted for inflation every year.

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A person can work and still get a Social Security retirement benefit check in the mail at the same time.

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A former spouse can receive benefits based on the employment history of an ex-husband or wife if they were married for 5 or more years.

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You’ll get a lump-sum benefit from Social Security if you file at age 62 but don't actually start collecting benefits until later.

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Minor or dependent children are eligible for Social Security benefits if one or both of their parents is of retirement age.

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At what age are most people first eligible to receive Social Security retirement benefits?

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Who can qualify for Social Security retirement benefits?

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What’s the basis for calculating an individual’s Social Security benefits?

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How long do you generally have to work in order to someday collect Social Security?

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