Which civil rights group should you join?

It's the 60s and there are protests happening all around the country. You want to join the cause and fight for what you believe in. This quiz will guide you to an activist group that most aligns with your personality.

Claudia Reyes
Created by Claudia Reyes
On Oct 2, 2017

Can you use your privilage to get out of trouble with the police?

Are you trying to fix the system or abolish it entirely?

Do you think you're targeted just as much as others?

How do you feel about allies and organizing with different groups?

Are you ok with abusing women's labor?

Are you from a middle-class background and have spent a lot of time in poor neighborhoods hoping to mobilize the poor and working class?

Are you from Austin, Texas and don't agree in top-down politics?

You just got to college and learning about the different forms of oppression. SDS is a good start but remember to center the narratives and activism of people of color. BTW you don't have to mobilize the poor.... we don't need a white savior.

You should join the Women's Liberation Movement. You're all about girl power! But you should probably work on your intersectionality...

You should join the Black Panther Party! You are down for the cause and are willing to fight for what's right no matter what.

You' should join the Progressive Labor Party! You're all about tackling communism but always turn a blind eye when it comes to race 🤔