The Ultimate Classical Music Quiz

These are the hardest, most fiendish classical music questions on the internet. Music geeks, get your thinking caps on. And no Googling!

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On Dec 19, 2018
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Which of these is NOT the subtitle of a Haydn symphony?

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Which of Elgar's Enigma Variations was partially inspired by a bulldog?

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Where was cellist Jaqueline du Pré born?

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Which conductor always appeared on the podium wearing a white carnation?

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How old was Giuseppe Verdi when he wrote his Requiem?

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What is the name given to the lower register of the clarinet's playing range?

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What did Benjamin Britten use to simulate raindrops in his opera for amateur musicians, Noye's Fludd?

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Who wrote a piece called the 'Skittle Alley Trio'?

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In French opera houses, what job does the Souffler have?

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What is Simon Rattle's middle name?

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What subtitle goes with Gilbert & Sullivan's operetta 'The Pirates of Penzance'?

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Which composer wrote two piano concertos, one violin concerto and one double concerto for violin and cello?

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In which country was Delibes' opera 'Lakmé' set?

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Which of these vehicles did Herbert Von Karajan NOT appear with on the cover of one of his recordings?

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How many Ballades did Chopin write?

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Which of these actors has NOT played Beethoven on screen?

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In Purcell's 'Dido and Aeneas', where is Dido Queen of?

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In which year did Sydney Opera House open?

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Which of these composers was given the title of Master of the Queen's Music?

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Which of these artists did NOT perform with Luciano Pavarotti during his lifetime?

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