Which Role Would You Play In 50 Shades Of Grey?

Are you submissive like Ana Steele or dominant like Christian Grey?

Christy Nolan
Created by Christy Nolan
On Mar 26, 2015

You are on a first date and there is some very strong physical chemistry. Your date walks you to your front door. You are staring into each others eyes. You...

In group projects, are you usually the one giving orders?

Choose an element:

Which outfit do you find the sexiest?

Which of these images do you find the most erotic?

What sounds more pleasurable to you: Pouring hot wax on a sexy lover’s body, or having them do it to you?

If people around you are discussing something that you very passionately disagree with and you happen to overhear, you :

Choose a material:

Choose a quote from the book:

And finally, choose a shade of grey:

Anastasia Steele

Anastasia Steele

Like Ana, your whole life you have been the innocent and pure one, with a playful naivety to you that attracts others to your gentle soul.
You tend to be on the submissive side, happier taking orders from more dominant people and sitting quietly on the sidelines observing situations from afar. However, there is a fiery flame inside of you that is waiting to ignite. Don't let others tell you that you are boring or passive because you are far from it. You know what you want and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Christian Grey

Christian Grey

You are wildly successful at everything you do because you possess class, determination and a keen talent at reading people and their needs. Business savvy yet passionate, you carry your ability to please from your professional life into the bedroom and every other aspect of your life. This makes you very well-liked despite your dangerous and menacing desires.