Are You A Social Media Sellout?

Ever been guilty of TMI or think that Social Media is some kind of popularity contest? Don't lie! Take the quiz to see if you're a "sellout" in the Social Media world.

Christina Yeager
Created by Christina Yeager
On Jun 20, 2014

Do images of where you are and who you’re with?

Do you...update statuses with pics of you driving?

Do you...use Instagram to only post selfies?

Do you...use “like if you agree” and “share if you disagree” posts?

Do Facebook pages suggested by friends without looking at them?

Do you...repin everything you really “love” on Pinterest?

Do you...take and upload every image of every plate of food you order?

Do you...use deceptive measures to trick people into clicking “like”?

Do Facebook likes?

Do you...use far too many hashtags in your posts?



Yep. You're a sellout! You prefer getting tons of likes and shares from more than just friends and family. You require attention and don't care HOW you get it.



Nope. Good job for not selling your soul to the Social Media masses. Congrats.



Perhaps. You're walking a thin line between begging for attention and standing your ground.