Which NCAA Men's Final 4 Coach Are You?

You've got a personality. So do these coaches. So let's match them up in our highly scientific poll and figure out which of these Final 4 Coaches you most resemble.

Chris Hatch
Created By Chris Hatch
On Apr 1, 2016

The game is over! You won! Now, how do you handle cutting down the nets?

A player comes to you, worried because he just got an F on a final paper. What do you do?

What kind of defense are you going to run?

You've got 5 seconds left and you're inbounding the ball with the game on the line. What play do you call?

You've been called into a meeting with NCAA President Mark Emmert. What is this probably about?

You're Jay Wright!

You're Jay Wright!

You're cool. You're calm. You're impeccably dressed and once had a super weird ad for men's shampoo.

You overcame some NIT showings and a phone card scandal in your early days (*Author's note: back when phone cards were an actual thing) and have now made your team into a perennial power and 3 Time Big East regular season champs. Even though the Big East is trash now.

You're Roy Williams!

You're Roy Williams!

You're Roy Williams!

First off, take a minute to pat yourself on the back. You're the 25th highest paid in the country and that makes you one hell of a bargain. Seriously. You make less than Scott Drew, Mick Cronin, and the guy who coaches Vanderbilt.

Part of the reason is that you're old school.

And, based on the academic-related sanctions that are going to drop like an atomic bomb on your program as soon as the NCAA realizes that literally no athlete at your school has been going to class (ever), you're definitely more old than school.

You MAY want to think about retiring soon, before your school gets stripped titles than Magic Mike XXL.

You're Jim Boeheim!

You're Jim Boeheim!

You're Jim Boeheim! Which means you're probably angry at me right now. Just for existing.

You're cranky. You're a curmudgeon. You love running a zone defense and ride your players hard on the court and off the court you let them live like they're the basketball version of that party scene from "On Any Given Sunday".

You barely made the tourney, but you're still such a damn good coach that your team is here. You've got two fingers for all the haters and you're not giving them a thumbs up.

You're Lon Kruger!

You're Lon Kruger!

You're Lon Kruger! You're the nicest dude in College Basketball. Or at least that's what everyone says.

Thanks for not being Jim Boeheim. Seriously. Thank you. You could've been Jim Boeheim, but instead you just have been sitting back and kind of enjoying yourself.

You treat Buddy Hield like he's a comic book movie sequel and you're a studio executive in Hollywood: GREEN LIGHT that bad boy!

You've legitimately coached at Fiftyleven jobs and you pretty much have won at every stop -- save for a tough stint coaching the Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Toni Kukoc-led Atlanta Hawks in the early 2000s. But, let's be honest: Theo Ratliff was one of your best players on that squad.