What is stealing your Beauty?

Can we guess your #1 beauty thief in 15 simple questions! Let's find out who's really stealing your beauty!

Charity Funk - the skin & weight coach
Created by Charity Funk - the skin & weight coach
On Jan 12, 2017

I don't know what products are right for me.

I've tried many products and I change my skincare regularly.

I am not sure what skin type I am, and I have multiple things happening on my skin.

I don't see results with the skincare products I am currently using.

I have so many products, and what I use on a day to day basis is just a guessing game.

I forget to wash my face at night.

I often don't feel like doing my skincare routine.

I rarely think to clean my make up brushes!

I notice flare-ups in my skin when I eat certain things.

I am in a vicious cycle of bad and unwanted habits that I just can't seem to break, and they are stealing my looks and my energy.

I am exhausted when it comes to washing my face at night and often struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep.

I have a very busy schedule with work, family & friends. Overworked, overloaded to do list and over booked socially.

My face breaks out during high periods of stress in my life.

I am going through an emotional rough patch and feel like my self esteem and confidence have taken a huge hit.

I am recovering from a unexpected event in my life and I worry that I won't get back to being me - I think I'm depressed.

Polly Product

Polly Product

Hi I’m Polly your #1 beauty thief. I don’t know what products to use, Ive tried everything! And everywhere I turn Im told to try something else, so I do! My bathroom cabinet has every product under the sun and my skin is freaking out!

The only way to deal with me is…
Find a professional that doesn’t only know their products but also knows skin! Find out what the return policy is and if they can’t back up their product and recommendation, then move on and find someone who can! Its time to end the cabinet full of products half used! If you don’t know anyone ask a few girlfriends who they see for their skin, or try googling it! You’ll be amazed what you find in your own city. You can also book a free 20 min complimentary skincare consultation with Charity Funk to find out your skin type, conditions and get your own personalized skincare prescription from someone who cares more about finding balance in skin then a sale.

Habitual Hannah

Habitual Hannah

Hi I’m Hannah your #1 beauty thief. Almost every night I either forget to wash my face or just don’t “feel” like it. I rarely remember to wash my make up brushes, let alone use my facial scrub I purchased over the counter over 2 years ago! I eat whatever I have time for and often my skin pays the price. I am the vicious cycle of bad and unwanted habits.

The only way to deal with me is…
Figure out what your goals are and why you are doing them. Sit down and make a list of your beauty goals - is this really important to you? If it is then lets figure out a plan to get you there! Ask yourself these questions:
1. What are my beauty goals? Keeping in mind inner health and out beauty.
2. Why is this important to me?
3. What am I currently doing that is and isn’t working?
4. Where can I schedule these things into my day?
5. What excuses will I make when the time comes to making it happen - notice that excuse and still stick to the plan!
If your still having issues after you have tried this maybe there is more to the equation and I can help! Book a complimentary 20 min mini session with me and lets chat about what keeps you in this place of unwanted habits - you’ll be surprised to learn that it may be just a few thoughts about it!

Life's-in-the-way Lula

Life's-in-the-way Lula

Hi I’m Lula your #1 beauty thief. My schedule is CRAZY, my sleep is pretty much non existent, stress level on a good day is probably a 7. I would say most of this is cause of a major tragedy that unexpectedly happened and my self esteem and confidence would be at about a 1. Not to mention my face looks like the food thats been in the fridge for far to long - wether thats the cucumber that is completely dehydrated or the leftover pizza from the binge that happened last weekend after my nutso week!

The only way to deal with me is…
Yes you need the right products. Yes you need to get into a routine that will benefit your beauty. But right now these are the last things on your mind. All you can think about is what is next on the to do list, how your going to handle the situation or person you have been avoiding and whats for diner! Thats where you need to begin - its time to create some space to take a look at your thoughts and whats been running though your head.

Start here:
For 5 min write down all the thoughts that come to you Now without beating yourself up, take a look at them. How do those thoughts make you feel?

Did you know that you get to choose your thoughts! You may have no power over what is going on around you but how you think about things directly effects how you go about feeling all day long, and when your stress is at an all time high what do you think that will do to not just your skin but your body as well.

Awareness is step #1

If you feel like you can’t even slow your mind down enough to create that awareness, jump on a 20 min, complimentary phone call with me and lets chat! I can help you not only create awareness, but create new thoughts and inner health that radiates your outer beauty!