How Good or Bad Are You?

Are you a perfect angel, the devil's right hand, or somewhere in between?

Chaotic Moira
Created by Chaotic Moira
On Nov 19, 2018

How do you feel about lying to friends, when it is NOT to protect anyone?

If you could get revenge on someone who wronged you, without ever getting caught, what would you do?

A child at the park drops their brand new iPhone and doesn't notice. You see them about to leave the park, what do you do?

Have you ever cheated with a friend's partner behind your friend's back?

Have you ever stolen anything from a friend?

Have you ever caused harm, or wanted to seriously cause harm on someone?

When in a relationship, do you cheat on your partner?

When you see homeless people, what do you think or feel?

There is a frog in the road. You are on the highway and late for work. What would you do?

If you had a super power, and you could ONLY use it to serve the human race or serve yourself, how would you use it?

A Perfect Angel

A Perfect Angel

Well aren't you peachy keen! You have a clear conscience because you always do the right thing. You are not just a "good" person, you are angelic. Likely everyone already knows it, but feel free to brag.

Unless you just lied a lot..

Your Heart is Good

Your Heart is Good

You aren't trying to win any awards for being perfect. You just try to live by your conscience and do the right thing. When you can't, you probably feel some guilt, but in the end, you try to make sure you aren't hurting anyone.

Well, You Aren't ALL Bad..

Well, You Aren't ALL Bad..

You are not the scum of the earth after all, but you are not the nicest person one could meet either. You have a bit of a selfish streak and unfortunately their is collateral damage. You may want to try thinking of others a little more often, lest you end up old and alone one day.

Good luck.

You Are Seriously Hell Spawn

You Are Seriously Hell Spawn

What the hell is wrong with you?