Men: Are You A True Woman's Ally?

Not all men are sexually harassing women, but most sexual harassment is done by men. Many men think they have nothing to do with it, but they are not aware of a significant portion of the actions that may harm women. Test yourself - to what extent do you really treat women equally?

Celeste Wright
On Oct 23, 2017

Your colleague told you that he saw the office secretary on Tinder, and he thinks she's an "easy girl". How would you react?

You hear in the news about a case of a woman complaining about sexual harassment 10 years later, what is your initial reaction?

When you hear about a rape case in the news, what is your initial reaction?

You and your female colleague are in charge of a presentation to management. What are the chances you will present the presentation 50:50?

Your sister is thinking of going into electrical engineering and asks what you think. What would you say?

You've been dating someone for some time now, and you go to her apartment. Things are starting to heat up, and suddenly she says she prefers to stop. How would you react?

A stunning woman walks by in the street. What would you do?

You're in a club and someone is dancing next to you in tight clothes and with sexy movements. You want to go and hit on her, how would you do it?

You're the MAN!

You're the MAN!

That's how a real man is supposed to behave! You understand the anguish that women endure, you know the subtleties and you try to stop other men when they cross the line. It is important to distribute it further, if you have friends that got different results- you can explain to them why!

You have a few more things to learn...

You have a few more things to learn...

You are aware of the red boundaries that you can not pass. But sexist jokes, for example, do not seem to be a problem to you. The pillars of rape culture start from the small actions, and you have to start paying attention to them. Treat all the women around you as equal to you, as you would like other men to treat women in your family. A small change in you can significantly change the feeling of the women in your life.

Dude, what century are you living in?

Dude, what century are you living in?

Your attitude to 50% of the world population has expired long ago. The code of silence was broken, and it's time for you to learn that women are equal to you and deserve exactly the same rights as you. Just think for a moment - how could this world exist without them?