Men: Are You A True Woman's Ally?

Celeste Wright
On Oct 23, 2017
Your colleague told you that he saw the office secretary on Tinder, and he thinks she's an "easy girl". How would you react?I'd ask for more details I'd laugh at him for using the term "easy girl"I'd ask him to show me her profileYou hear in the news about a case of a woman complaining about sexual harassment 10 years later, what is your initial reaction?Now she remembers?I wonder what made her complain nowI am happy to hear that, this phenomenon must be eradicatedWhen you hear about a rape case in the news, what is your initial reaction?I wonder what she was wearing I wonder what made the man do itI feel bad for the woman, and get mad at the man You and your female colleague are in charge of a presentation to management. What are the chances you will present the presentation 50:50?I'll take on the task, she doesn't understand the data as I do100%, I trust my colleagueI'll help her if I see that she's having trouble with the dataYour sister is thinking of going into electrical engineering and asks what you think. What would you say?I'll tell her to choose a more pleasant profession, like being a teacher or a nurseI'll ask her if she's sure she can handle math and scienceSounds amazing to me!You've been dating someone for some time now, and you go to her apartment. Things are starting to heat up, and suddenly she says she prefers to stop. How would you react?I'd do whatever it takes to make her feel comfortable!I'd try to push it a little bit, maybe she's playing hard to getI'd stop but I'd probably make her feel bad about itA stunning woman walks by in the street. What would you do?Nothing"Hey babe!" I'll probably stare a bitYou're in a club and someone is dancing next to you in tight clothes and with sexy movements. You want to go and hit on her, how would you do it? I'd dance really close to her until she notices meHow you doin'?I'll buy her a drink, it'll do the trick