Little Mix: Who Sings That?

Think you know who sings what in every Little Mix song? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by CelebMix
On Mar 29, 2017
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"It's obvious you're meant for me, every piece of you it just fits perfectly" (Secret Love Song Pt.II)

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"Hold up wait, you used to be a frenemy" (Grown)

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"Tear me down, want to see me drown, like being happy is such a sin" (Clued Up)

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"I tried to smile today, then I realized there's no point anyway" (These Four Walls)

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"Behind these walls, so tall, I don't wanna climb, I'm afraid to fall" (Case Closed)

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"Now I don't have any first degree, but I know what he does to me" (DNA)

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"Crystal ballin', just to help him see, what he's been missing" (Black Magic)

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"It's a shame, you're to blame, cause once you owned my heart" (Towers)

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"Drop me in the ocean I'll swim, throw me in with the lions I'll roar" (See Me Now)

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"Yeah you've got a lot of time to act your age, hands on the clock only turn one way" (Little Me)

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